A new class of information systems – educational scientific information portals is described. The set of reference architectural solutions, which can be used for different purposes, depending on the requirements and the subject domain, is presented. Specific feature of the proposed architectural solutions is the use of a service oriented approach for building the subsystem and modules. This approach allows to tune the system according to the requirements of each organization and the subject domain. An essential advantage of the suggested approach as compared to the existing one is the possibility of using standard interfaces for services interaction, making it possible to replace any module when necessary. Each service can be realized in such a way that they can be packed into separate containers, which enables services to be deployed in different clouds or hosts in order to optimize the resource usage. The questions of developing and building a software platform for domain-specific research and educational portals implementation are also discussed in the paper.

Authors: M. A. Navrotsky, D. I. Muromtsev, N. A. Zhukova, A. I. Vodyaho

Direction: Informatics and Computer Technologies

Keywords: Scientific informational portals, ontology, open linked data, search in open data

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