The results of numerical simulation of the interaction of topological solitons of (2+1)-dimensional O(3) non-linear sigma model in reversed time are presented. At the first stage, models of interactions of topological vortices are developed, where, depending on the dynamic parameters, processes of their decay into localized perturbations and phased annihilation are observed. Also, models for the phased annihilation of topological vortices during their interaction with 180-degree domain walls are considered. On the basis of the models obtained, initial conditions for numerical simulation of interaction processes in reversed time are developed. The models describing the complete restoration of the initial topological field of interacting solitons at the combining of localized perturbations and radiation waves are obtained. Also, models are obtained that describe the formation of topological vortices in the plane of the domain wall and their subsequent emission. Thus, the T-invariance property of the field-theoretic model under study is confirmed. Numerical calculations were carried out in a stratified space on the basis of the finite difference schemes theory methods, using the properties of a stereo-graphic projection. The experiments were carried out for different values of the Hopf index of topological vortices. A complex program module is proposed that implements a special algorithm for the numerical calculation of the evolution of the space-time topological structures interaction in reversed time.

Authors: Kh. Kh. Muminov, F. Sh. Shokirov S

Direction: Physical Phenomena in a Solid Body, Liquids and Gases

Keywords: Sigma model, difference scheme, stratified space, T-invariance, topological soliton, numerical simulation

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