In this paper the structure of a magnetron sputtering system is considered. The model of Danilin for a flat ring evaporator was studied and used to calculate the thickness distribution of the coating applied at different variations of the current density at the cathode (uniform, in the form of a triangle and in the form of a polynomial of the third degree), the appropriate graphs were also obtained. Correlation between the parameters of magnetron sputtering system, at which the greatest uniformity of the thickness distribution of the applied film was observed, was analyzed. The study of the profile of target spraying with a non-zero cone angle was researched. It was found that with an increase in the angle of cone in the areas of the substrate situated directly above the cathode, there is a strong thickening of the sprayed film, and in the center and at the edges of the substrate thickness, on the contrary, is greatly reduced – there is a redistribution of the film thickness. The parameters of the target at which the greatest uniformity of distribution of a film on thickness is reached were revealed.

Authors: V. V. Chernigovskiy, S. A. Martsinukov, A. A. Lisenkov, D. K. Kostrin

Direction: Physical Electronics and Technologies of Micro- and Nanostructures

Keywords: Magnetron sputtering system, Danilin model, thin films, coating profile

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