Classes of realization of a separate structural element are considered. Nine classes of combinations of the DBMS, algorithms, languages and the environments of implementation are considered. Classes are implemented and approved on the task of static linear programming for the purpose of comparative detection of their opportunities. On the formulated requirements the class InterBase is selected from the environment C ++ by Builder. The application-oriented example of realization for control system of employment is given. Class InterBase shortcomings of the environment C ++ are revealed by Builder in case of its use in the network mode. A row of the technologies providing creation and attending of services in the distributed computing systems is selected. Upon transition to multielement system additional requirements to implementation methods on the basis of which the analysis of network architectures is made came to light. The preference from line items of control of the component architecture similar to object-oriented option is shown. The network mode is provided in a linking of Denver DBMS - the environment Apach, to realize processes in the most widespread three-level management system.

Authors: V. V. Tsehanovsky, V. D. Chertovskoy

Direction: Informatics and Computer Technologies

Keywords: Hierarchy control system, classes realization, separate element, system of elements

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