Contains a brief review of conception, scientific approach, methodological foundations, principles, axioms and main scientific results, which, in turn, have laid the foundations of a new cyber-physical paradigm for system research of open, natural, social, anthropogenic, and complex technical systems. Main purpose of this paradigm is: to automatically produce scientifically proven knowledge (gathered from a huge amount of semi-structured, multimodal, and heterogeneous empirical data) about general ontology of open systems given in hundreds and thousands indicators; to carry out a deep automatic research of obtained ontological knowledge with the aim to obtain full scientific understanding and rational explanation of such knowledge; to perform automatic analysis of the value (correctness, fullness, and completeness) of this knowledge; and to automatically shape resources of knowledge about general ontology of open systems and system problems.

Authors: T. L. Kachanova, B. F. Fomin, O. B. Fomin

Direction: Informatics and Computer Technologies

Keywords: Open systems, Big Data, physics of open systems, ontological knowledge, knowledge mining from empirical data, value of ontological knowledge, multidimensional knowledge-centric system analytics

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