Presents the analysis of methods for regulating the voltage of a three-winding step-down autotransformer with a load regulation device located on the side of the high-voltage winding, in the neutral, in the line and in the medium voltage winding of the autotransformer. The methods of regulating in the line and in the cross-section of the medium voltage winding, as the most widely used, are considered in detail. The analysis of the autotransformer voltage regulation modes under constant and variable magnetic flux is carried out. For these methods of autotransformer voltage regulation, a technique is proposed for selecting the necessary regulating branch of the autotransformer, taking into account the effect of the change in the magnitude of the magnetic flux on the control process by means of the magnetic flux coefficient. The necessity of taking into account the change in the magnitude of the magnetic flux in the methods of selecting the control branch at the regulating mode with a variable magnetic flux in the methods of regulation in the cut and the winding line of the average voltage of the autotransformer.

Authors: A. G. Lavrov, E. N. Popov, A. S. Shlyapnikov

Direction: Electrical Engineering

Keywords: Three-winding autotransformer, regulation on load, shear regulation, line regulation, regulating modes, the method of calculation, magnetic flux

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