Considers the method of a priori assessment of the quality of the use of the training and training complex in conducting practical exercises. The use of educational and training complexes in educational activity allows to improve the quality of training of specialists. However, the issue of assessing the effectiveness of the use of training and training complexes in educational activities remains topical. The method is based on the model of interaction between the learner and the components of the training and training complex. An algorithm for realizing the model during practical training is proposed. The considered method of quality assessment takes into account the sequence of performing practical tasks, as well as individual characteristics of students. The use of the proposed method provides an opportunity to determine the rational distribution of time for learning at certain stages of a practical lesson, develops recommendations to the preceptor on improving the methodology for conducting classes, developing new (processing existing) components of training and training complexes.

Authors: A. I. Altuhov, S. A. Bagrecov, M. A. Cheburkov

Direction: Informatics and Computer Technologies

Keywords: Educational-training tools, automated training systems, learning, training, practical task

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