The method of formation of the list of elements directly in the editor of PDM system is offered. The essence of a method is that a data source for the list of elements are the BOM file or the file in the CAD format. At a file attachment in system there is a record of structure of elements in the form of a tree. Missing data can be added in the editor of PDM system. According to these data the original of the list of elements in the TIF format is formed. When forming the original there is a comparison with the previous version and in stamps of the changed sheets the mark is made. Distinctions on elements automatically register in the notice on change. Thus, due to automatic comparison of versions and carrying out changes time for development of design documentation is considerably reduced. Besides, advantages of the offered method is increase in accuracy of data due to minimization of a divergence of data be-tween the schematic electric circuit and the list of elements, lack of need for the middleware – the editor. The method of the automated formation of the list of elements in PDM system is successfully introduced and proved the efficiency at the instrument-making enterprise of space-rocket branch of Stock Company «Scientific & Industrial Centre “Polyus”».

Authors: E. V. Akhunova, N. N. Koblov

Direction: Informatics and Computer Technologies

Keywords: List of elements, PDM, CAD, electric schematic diagram

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