One of the options for constructing an adaptive automatic control system is consider. A block diagram of an asynchronous-cyclic system of automatic control of various objects is proposed. Metrological analysis of the asynchronous-cyclic system using queuing theory is carried out. Formulas are obtained that allow one to obtain an estimate of the reduced value of the mathematical expectation and the standard deviation of the error from multichannel arising from the waiting for maintenance. It is shown that the mathematical expectation of such an error does not depend on the distribution law of the maximum modulus of the first derivative of the monitored signal, while the standard deviation of the error from waiting in the queue depends on this distribution law. The obtained expressions allow us to use them for comparison of various structures of adaptive systems of auto-matic control taking into account the possible error and complexity of the structural scheme, i. e. conduct a quasi-optimal synthesis.

Authors: E. M. Antonyuk, I. E. Varshavskiy, O. A. Krivokhvost, P. E. Antonyuk

Direction: Instrument Engineering and Information-Measurement Technologies

Keywords: Automatic control system, queuing theory, discrete control, adaptive control, asynchronous-cyclic system, er-ror from multichannel

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