The analysis of the mathematical model of the electromagnetic torque of the BLDC motor, in which the existence of the optimal values of the relative diameter of the bore of the motor stator and the magnetic induction in its air gap. These two values determine the maximum functional sonoita-La, characterizing the best use of active materi-als valve engine in volume of its actively-th kernel relative to the electromagnetic torque, which is considered as the criterion of optimality. Examines the impact of the number of grooves of the stator on the full area of all grooves of the stator with different values of the magnetic induction in the teeth and in the stator core. Showed weak influence of these magnetic inductions into the square grooves, but at the same time revealed that the in-crease in the number of poles of the brushless DC motor is accompanied by a SNI zheniem square grooves of the stator. There is an optimal number of motor poles in which the functional multiplier reaches the highest value, which corresponds to the best use of its active materials. On the other hand with increasing number of poles are increased, the optimal value of magnetic induction in the air gap and the relative bore diameter statоr.

Authors: A. S. Borovik, M. A. Vaganov

Direction: Electrical Engineering

Keywords: The graph surface function, plot the magnetic TSE-PI, the number of pairs of poles, number of teeth

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