Is devoted to current issues of optimization of «Orlan-10» remotely piloted aircraft flight operations on the longest tracks out of LOS. The authors provide the main ways of implementing the unmanned aviation systems for the Ministries and governmental agencies of the Russian Federation in various spheres: military, agriculture, construction, geodetic survey, meteorology, map-making, ecology, security. They single out the main technical characteristics of «Orlan-10» unmanned aircraft, details of its automatic control system and its communications equipment. The authors research the experience of performing flights on the long-track route using several ground-based points of remote control operating the existing communication infrastructure. They state the fun-damental approach to the operation of «Orlan-10» unmanned aircraft using several ground-based points of re-mote control.

Authors: V. А. Shishkov, V. V. Makarov, S. A. Kudryakov, S. A. Belyaev, V. V. Romancev

Direction: Informatics and Computer Technologies

Keywords: Unmanned aircraft systems, remotely piloted aircrafts, aircraft equipment operation, remote control station

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