The technology of developing an automated learning system is described, which makes it easy to change both the type and the subject area of the problems being solved. The task to be solved is divided into blocks, with each of which an attribute is associated with a specific structure that allows storing knowledge about the attrib-ute, such as questions to the user, the number of the corresponding processing procedure, the type of response, the sign of the answer record, and others. The subject area is described using a separate module, Which demon-strates the current state of the domain and contains the procedures forming the method being studied. The pro-cedure for starting these procedures is determined by the main program. The components of the procedure, in addition to performing their functions, also check the user's response and issue the appropriate message. The description of attributes is made in the expert language and is specified in a separate text file, which can be edit-ed. The user's answers can be of various types: string, integer, real. When the user receives an incorrect re-sponse, the system issues hints, but takes into account the fact of error that can be used in assessing the learn-er's knowledge.

Authors: V. E. Baltrashevich

Direction: Informatics and Computer Technologies

Keywords: Surface and depth knowledge of the expert, control of the knowledge of the trainee, block of explanations

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