The effect of the nonlinear properties of comparators on the metrological characteristics of analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) in the absence and impact of interference is investigated. A detailed study of this effect was carried out on two types of ADC, tracking and reading. It is proved that the presence of hysteresis properties of the comparators leads to an increase in noise immunity of the ADC algorithms relative to the effect on the input signal of additive interference. It is shown that there is an optimal value of the insensitivity zone of the compara-tors (ε) relative to the quantum value, at which the greatest effect of interference suppression is achieved. A comparative evaluation of the effect of the comparison function type which is realized in the comparator on the dynamics of the equilibrating quantity under the interference conditions is performed. It is realized with analytical methods of nonlinear dynamics and is confirmed by the results of simulation modeling for Gaussian noise. By simulation modeling methods for Gaussian noise, it is shown that the ADC reading error substantially exceeds the corresponding tracking type ADC error.

Authors: E. P. Tikhonov

Direction: Bioengineeringl Systems in Medicine and Ecology

Keywords: Comparing functions, nonlinearity, analytical description, methodological biases, the algorithms of analog-to-digital conversion

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