The formed mathematical model of the BLDC motor on the basis of which can be obtained analytically optimal values of the relative diameter of the bore of the stator and the magnetic induction in the air gap, ensuring the best use of the materials in the volume of the active core of the engine relative to its magnetic moment. For ease of analysis, in General a system of relative units for linear dimensions. As the base size is taken by the outer di-ameter of the steel package of the stator. In the presented mathematical model is the main functional factor, which contains all the information about the relationships between physical quantities and geometrichecal di-mensions involved in the process of energy conversion in the valve engine. The mathematical model provides an opportunity to assess the impact of independent variables on the main dimensions, and technical and economic indicators of the brushless DC motor in Genera.

Authors: S. A. Borovik, M. A. Vaganov

Direction: Electrical Engineering

Keywords: Oval-shaped stator slots, the relative diameter of the bore of the stator, the relative length of the steel pack-age of the stator, the magnetic induction in the air gap, the coefficient of proportionality of the square groove, electromagnetic torque, a functional cofactor, a parametric factor

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