A classification of known methods used to restore the working capacity of the man has been carried out, and it is shown that they do not allow a rapid restoration of the working state of a small group of operators of biotechnical systems. It is proposed to use for this purpose special biotechnical systems of game type, in which the method of graphic symbols displayed on the screen of the monitor as an image of a game story is realized. A feature of the symbols is the separate control of its main parameters at the request of the researcher and depending on the actions of the group. They allow you to quickly change the content of the test while maintaining the possibility of accurately recording the response and to assess the important characteristics of the whole group as a single systemic ducation.

Authors: E. P. Popechitelev

Direction: Bioengineeringl Systems in Medicine and Ecology

Keywords: Working capacity of a small group of operators, methods for restoring work-ability, biotechnical test system, method of graphic symbol, game strategy

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