Changes in properties of piezoelectric elements with compressive stress

An experimental study of the properties of piezoelectric ceramic elements of CTS-19 as a plate thickness of 1, 5, 10 and 15 mm with compressive stress. All measurements were performed in a laboratory setting, provides a compressive stress to 20 MPa. Rated electric charge that occurs when loading piezo elements. It is shown that for CTS-19, the lower limit of the compressive stress is 2 MPa. The peculiarities in the dependence Q(s), associated with a change in the contact area of the piezoelectric element in the process of measuring and reorientation effects.

Authors: V. M. Tsaplev, R. S. Konovalov, V. E. Zemskova

Direction: Instrument Engineering and Information-Measurement Technologies

Keywords: Piezoceramic, quasi-static method, compression stress, piezoelectric modulus, loading cycle

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