Solved the problem of increasing precision fast measurement of the thickness. The solution is obtained by developing and applying specialized algorithms of mathematical processing of the data about the interference. In a single processing chain cascaded two methods of thickness measurement: a method based on counting periods of the interference of the probing radiation in the film and a method based on determining the values of the reflection coefficient in the selected discrete angles of incidence of the probing radiation on the measured film. Both methods require the prior fame of the refractive index of the transparent material on the length of the probing radiation film. We propose a combined method for the determination of the thickness implemented is applicable for counting the periods of the interference of the probing radiation in the film equipment, increases the accuracy of measurements of the thicknesses of the films are repeatedly compared with the definition of the thickness, based only on counting the number of periods of the interference

Authors: I. V. Gonchar, V. M. Tsaplev

Direction: Instrument Engineering and Information-Measurement Technologies

Keywords: Detection of extrema, the interference measurement, the counting algorithm of extrema, rapid determination of the thickness, the film thickness, greater accuracy

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