Presents the development a base of mathematical models components of electric drive systems of pumping units and stations for the purpose of assembling blocs of complexes used under optimization of control systems for units and stations. Are considered the components of pumping units (pumps, electric motors, frequency converters, information-measuring and control means) and components of pumping stations (technological components of the connection of aggregates through the input and output collectors, components of communication of units with the magistral, components for controlling technological variables and variable ratio). Varieties of components represent a variable base for adoption the optimal decision in the design of electric drive systems. Is performed systematization of dynamic and energy models and their tabular representation in the form of algorithmic structural schemes. Given example of the layout of a model of a complex of systems from the base of models modules and blocks for research the dynamic and energy characteristics of pumping stations.

Authors: A. A. Prokopov, R. A. Kakhorov, V. A. Novikov, M. P. Belov

Direction: Electrical Engineering

Keywords: Electric drive systems of pumping units and stations, mathematical descriptions of dynamic and energy processes, equations and algorithmic structural schemes components of control systems

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