Presents the results of analysis of solutions for scientific visualization of hydroacoustic monitoring data and identifies the main difficulties in developing such systems. The tasks that must be solved to obtain a modern monitoring system are set. The architecture of the developed complex, its possibilities for expansion with the help of new modules and integration with other systems is described. The technologies selected for system development and their advantages are considered. The solution of these problems is proposed and the functional possibilities of the universal software complex 3D visualization of hydroacoustic monitoring of the water area are considered. Attention is focused on increasing the information content and improving the perception of information when using a three-dimensional representation in comparison with the classical two-dimensional view for such systems. The descriptions of the work of fragments supplementing the basic information are given, improving the information content and simplifying the goal classification problem. The choice of the forms of data representation is substantiated and the analysis of the received decisions is made on the part of increasing the information content and simplifying the operator's work.

Authors: S. N. Ezhov, M. S. Kupriyanov, A. A. Romanova, S. V. Stafeev

Direction: Informatics and Computer Technologies

Keywords: 3D-graphics, sonar monitoring, sonar modes

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