The evaluation of biometric image processing systems, basic requirements and comparison parameters are discussed. Standards for the evaluation of FRVT biometric systems, their development, and estimated characteristics are considered. The features of the evaluation of systems using several categories of images, image search systems for content and multibiometric systems are studied. The role of biometric standards and their role in combining technologies developed in different countries is shown. The main evaluation problems are determined: testing of system on non-representative bases, which lead to inconsistency of the declared results when operating in real conditions; the complexity of determining the evaluation criteria for CBIR systems, as well as the inadequate development of biometric systems estimation techniques. The use of software tools for modeling biometric systems makes it possible to determine the structures of possible system options, the composition of the units and their functions, and to compare the variants of systems more simply and cost-effectively.

Authors: Biometric systems of face recognition, biometric systems estimation, biometric standards

Direction: Informatics and Computer Technologies

Keywords: N. L. Shchegoleva, V. A. Petrova

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