Control of a polyphase motor with permanent magnets with non-sinusoidal EMF and power supply from VSI

Many electric drives are made using permanent magnet multiphase motors (PMSM) and transistor voltage inverters (VSI). Depending on the placement of the magnets on the rotor and on the performance of the stator windings of the PMSM, the distortion of the EMF of the phases can be more or less significant. Phase current distortions depend on the EMF, as well as on the features of the VSI, on the drive control algorithm. According to the methodology of modeling systems for interconnected subsystems, a mathematical model of a multi-phase PMSM was built taking into account the non-sinusoidality of the EMF. Computer models of drives with multi-phase PMSM, several VSI and control systems (CS) are built. A comparison of vector control algorithms in the dq axes and in the phase axes in the drive with a multi-phase PMSM with non-sinusoidal EMF and several VSI is made. Vector control systems in the axes of the phases of the PMSM provide a better shape of the phase currents and less ripple of the electromagnetic torque of the PMSM.

Authors: A. G. Vorontsov

Direction: Electrical Engineering

Keywords: permanent magnet synchronous motor, polyphase motor, non-sinusoidal EMF, VSI, vector control, simulation

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