An effective approach to the development of a program code for controlling an electric drive using the example of an elevator layout

The development and use of the control program for the electric drive of the elevator cabin layout is considered. The purpose of the work is to show how to write a program in a fairly short time for using it on a real layout and the possibility of changing it if necessary. The use of a microcomputer and the Python version 3 programming language, as well as a number of components for creating a layout, such as an engine, drivers, and more. At the moment, having basic programming knowledge, you can create a control program for a layout or virtual model in a fairly short time. This paper describes step by step how, without using complex programming concepts, to create a fully working layout of an elevator hoist. At each stage, it explains how a particular function or module works. The end result is a working control program and explanations of its operation.

Authors: N. A. Smirnov

Direction: Electrical Engineering

Keywords: control program, electric drive, functional programming, layout, modeling

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