Synthesis of a control system for a longitudinal feed drive of a lathe with elastic links using a non-standard intensity generator

In the paper, the requirements for the feed drives of lathes are formed. The mathematical description of a two-mass system with elastic bonds is considered. In the MatLab/Simulink environment, a non-standard intensity generator was developed to control the considered object. A model of the automatic control system for the electric drive of the longitudinal feed of a lathe with elastic links has been developed using a non-standard intensity generator. The results of computer simulation were performed in the MatLab/Simulink environment to assess the performance of the intensity generator and the object model under control and perturbing influences. The transient characteristics of the system are presented and analyzed in terms of various parameters.

Authors: M. P. Belov, O. A. Kundyukov, V. I. Korolev

Direction: Electrical Engineering

Keywords: longitudinal feed electric drive of a lathe, two-mass system, intensifier

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