Automation of the algorithm for designing a reinforcement scheme for a structure made of composite materials

The paper considers the development and automation of an algorithm for designing a reinforcement scheme based on bending deformation. The algorithm is presented in the form of a block diagram. When searching for a reinforcement trajectory, the algorithm takes into account the specified criteria for searching and designing a scheme. On the basis of the algorithm, a program is developed that can operate with the data of the model under study, use them to construct and synthesize the reinforcement trajectory. The program code is based on a simple example – bending deformation. The stress-strain state (SSS) is analyzed, the deformation proceeds linearly and in one direction. As a result, the reinforcement paths are straight lines. For non-linear deformation, this code provides a spline function that is used to construct curved trajectories. Automation of the algorithm for designing reinforcement trajectories in the form of a program made it possible to reduce the time of searching, processing and compiling trajectories.

Authors: V. A. Polyakov

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: automation, algorithm, Siemens NX, reinforcement paths, reinforcing parts

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