Research on BLDC machine characteristics with indirect measurement of the load torque

Vector control of an induction motor with indirect torque measurement eliminates the need for a torque sensor. This approach is applicable to study the characteristics of BLDC machine loaded by an induction machine powered by a frequency converter. A mathematical model of a BL DC machine loaded by an induction electric drive and the implementation of this model in the SimInTech dynamic simulation environment are considered. As a result of mathematical modeling, transient processes in terms of speed and Speed-Torque curve are obtained. Comparison of the values of characteristic points with specification data confirms the correctness of the mathematical model and the possibility of using indirect measurement of the torque set by the frequency converter to study the characteristics of a BL DC machine.

Authors: F. S. Al Mahturi, D. V. Samokhvalov

Direction: Electrical Engineering

Keywords: BLDC machine, load test bench setup, sensorless torque control, induction motor drive, Speed-Torque characteristics

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