Induction heating during welding of annular pipe seams

Induction heating in ring welding of steel pipes is widely used for pre-heating the welding zone to a temperature of 150... 200 °С and a high weld seam annealing at a temperature of 700...750 °С immediately after welding. Inductors of spiral and waybill types were considered, their parameters were investigated and recommendations for application were given. Dependence of the stability of the closed system with temperature closed-loop is investigated depending on the position of the temperature sensor relative to the inductor.

Authors: S. S. Adoh, S. V. Dzliev, V. V. Tkach, K. E. Pishchalev

Direction: Electrical Engineering

Keywords: induction heating, prewelding heating, welding, lay-over inductor, heating temperature control

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