Pulsed frequency-phase and frequency-latitudinal methods for controlling the output power of a resonant voltage inverter for induction heating

The article considers the issue of the use of a combined pulse together with a frequency phase or latitude control method, with the mandatory fulfillment of the conditions of the soft switching mode. The limits of the application of the combined method are considered, under which the conditions of the mode are met, its effectiveness in terms of narrowing the frequency range, as well as the question of implementing the combined method due to the relationship established in the work of the frequency detuning of the inverter from the latitude and phase parameters of the power key control pulses.

Authors: I. Yu. Abdulkhakov, M. R. Ermekova, M. N. Kudryash

Direction: Electrical Engineering

Keywords: resonant voltage inverter, frequency control method, pulse-width regulation, phase regulation, combined control method, switching processes

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