Synthesis of a control system for an asynchronous motor of the main movement of a lathe using a neurocontroller with prediction

The paper presents an analysis of the applications of neural network controllers for controlling various non-linear dynamic objects. A model of vector control of an asynchronous motor is constructed, taking into account the moment of inertia of the workpiece. A neural network controller with NN Predictive Controller was synthesized to control the drive of the main movement of a lathe in order to improve the dynamic characteristics of the machine drive. Recommendations are given for selecting the parameters of the neurocontroller to control the object under consideration. The results of computer simulation were performed in the MatLab/Simulink environment to assess the performance of the neurocontroller with prediction under a single step control action. A graph for comparing the control system of an object with and without a neuroregulator is presented and analyzed.

Authors: M. P. Belov, O. A. Kundyukov

Direction: Electrical Engineering

Keywords: lathe, predictive neurocontroller, vector control, asynchronous motor

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